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Why insist on a professional flooring installation

After researching, compiling samples, and traveling from shop to shop, the topic of flooring installation is sure to come up. It is the final step in your overall flooring experience and brings all of your hard work into a beautiful finish. Some materials are easier for homeowners to install themselves than others are, but in order to take complete advantage of your flooring material, be sure to use a professional flooring crew. They are trained, experienced, and have everything they need to successfully install your flooring to perfection.

At our cozy mom and pop shop, Servi-King Carpet & Flooring also known as Elegant Carpet & Flooring strives for complete customer satisfaction. We offer an excellent selection of materials, we offer price estimates when you supply the measurements of the space to be floored, and we guarantee all our installations for one year. Serving the areas of Levittown, Longhorn, Salem, Bristol, and Farris Hills, our showroom is located in Levittown, PA. We invite you to visit us there to discuss all your flooring needs today.
Flooring Installation in Levittown, PA area from Servi-King Carpet & Flooring also known as Elegant Carpet & Flooring

Installation could be the most important part of your flooring experience

Choosing the right floor covering, based on your specific needs and preferences, is very important. You have to consider your traffic levels, how much wear and tear your floors will experience, and whether or not you have special circumstances that will affect the lifespan of your flooring. However, after making all the right choices in these areas, if the material is poorly installed, all that work will have been in vain.A good installation, performed by a trained and experienced team of installers, is almost like insurance for your flooring. Your installers have all the necessary tools to get the job done right. This is incredibly important for materials such as solid hardwood, carpet, and porcelain tile. At the same time, experience plays an important role as well, especially if your flooring is to be installed on stairways or in oddly shaped rooms.

The appearance of your floors also depends on a quality flooring installation. Inexperienced installers can leave your carpets lumpy, bunched, and with separated seams. Your hardwood floors, with an improper install, can be gapped or could buckle, warp, or crack shortly after the process. Worse still, some manufacturers will not honor their warranty unless your flooring was installed by professional installers.

To find out more about how we can help with your flooring experience, be sure to visit us and speak with one of our flooring associates.