Area rugs are a perfect addition to many spaces throughout your Pennsylvania home, whether for appearance or protection. In some areas, they can provide both services at the same time with excellent results.

If you’ve never experienced these rugs before, there’s no better time than the present to find out more about what they could offer. We have options for every home and homeowner, so let us know what you’re looking for today.

Why area rugs can be so important

These pieces can add unique appearance options to any room, with fabulous fibers, colors, shapes, sizes, and added benefits. Even the area rug binding you choose, especially fringing, can work to beautify any space.

But they can work just as well to protect your flooring from excessive wear or scratches and stains that can occur when dirt and debris are tracked in from outside. Place them underneath heavy pieces of furniture to preventing denting or crushing for great-looking floors when the furniture is moved.

One of the best things about these pieces is that they are easily taken up and moved. Since they are not permanently attached to the flooring beneath, you can move them from room to room for a different visual or take them for repair or cleaning any time the necessity arises.

For more information about these pieces, be sure to visit today. We look forward to providing options for every room.

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At Elegant Carpet & Flooring, you're sure to find flooring options that meet all your most essential needs. We work to find solutions for all, dedicating our complete attention to your project of any size.

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The versatility available in tile flooring means that you can easily floor every room in your home from a single flooring line. These materials offer outstanding durability, sensible décor-matching for any style, and a lifespan that averages 50 years or more. When you need an excellent material for the floors in your home, consider this line.

Floor tiles that make a statement

If you need a floor covering that provides outstanding durability, floor tiles have so much to offer. Not only do they resist average daily wear, but they also resist chipping, cracking, fading and inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. That makes them a perfect fit for nearly any space but is particularly useful in basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

A perfect fit for any style or décor match, these floors offer extensive appearance options, including the all-natural look of high-quality clay, a wide variety of color choices, and the option to cut the pieces into any shape or size for unique designs and mosaics. The visuals you'll find here are perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, or anywhere a personalized décor is preferred. You won’t miss a thing when you create your look with these materials.

There are plenty of other benefits available in this flooring line, including the ability to cover radiant heating with excellent results. Add a few area rugs or runners to add the softness you need for chilly mornings. On the other hand, they can keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer as well, for year-round comfort.

The installation process for flooring tiles is a bit more extensive than some materials. The precision required in measuring, cutting, and placing these pieces takes time, as does the grout work. Once the process is complete, you’ll have floors that will serve you for many years, making it well worth the effort.

Let us provide the tile flooring you need

When you visit Servi-King Carpet && ;Flooring also doing business as Elegant Carpet && ;Flooring, you’ll find that our flooring professionals are ready to get to work on your project, no matter the size. We’ll help you browse an extensive inventory and provide all the services you need for your chosen floor covering. Make sure you take the time to consider our tile flooring store today.

From our Levittown, PA showroom, we proudly serve the areas of Levittown, Longhorn, Salem, Bristol, and Farris Hills. You are invited to visit us there at your convenience to find the products that meet all your requirements. When you need the best tile flooring, we’ll make sure you find it.